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"I have a personal philosophy in life: If somebody else can do something that I'm doing, they should do it. And what I want to do is find things that would represent a unique contribution to the world - the contribution that only I, and my portfolio of talents, can make happen. Those are my priorities in life."

- Neil deGrasse Tyson

Clients & Testimonals

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A regular blog spot to promote positivity through quotes sourcing and heartfelt writeups. 

"I have been working with Rebel Jones for the past 2 years and have consistently enjoyed the content she's produced. Each of her articles is well-researched and written in an engaging, casual tone that my readers enjoy. I highly recommend working with Rebel for your blog or website."

- Steve Scott
Author / Owner of Happier Human

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A humorous (and slightly sweary) article about modern-day tattoo discrimination.

"A beautifully written article from a very talented writer. It spoke to all ink lovers hearts and opens up the eyes of those who may have felt judged or belittled at one point in their lives on their choice of body art. The humour is spot on! An absolute wonder to work with. Thank you."

-Stacey Callan

Tattooist / Owner of Half Pint Tattoos

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A series of articles featuring music artists from around the world.

"Rebel Jones goes above and beyond to provide a professional and quality service for her clients. Great research, writing and communication, highly recommended."

- Tom Bainbridge
Editor for The Music Man

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A blog article on Australian Shepherds vs German Shepherds (published under the site owner's name).

"A pleasure to work with, she wrote a nice professional article for my website and understood the brief clearly. Very easy to work with and provided great results, would recommend!"

- Oz Shepherd

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A 2,500-word article, researched and written on the topic of Procreate Animal Stamps (published under the site owner's name).

"The work was completed, communication was clear and concise. I was really impressed by her professionalism."

- Sybil Nighswonger
Editor for Delightful Design

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And A Little About Me

So I've hit my 40s. I'm covered in tattoos. And I will give a 'There's a machete in my handbag' glare to anyone who dares take the last packet of my kid's favorite cereal off the shelf.

But, as ridiculous as it may seem, beneath the poised mask hides an incredibly shy woman. So much so, that I often lay awake at night, manifesting my move to a big old country house in the middle of nowhere so that I don't have to face it all.

This isn't something new. I've always struggled with social gatherings, phone calls, and any unexpected attention. I don't know what to say. And always worry that I'll end up looking stupid.

But blogging gives me a voice. Not just on my own website, but for my clients too.

It gives me a creative outlet; a reason to shine. And without seeming big-headed, I love seeing my work out there.
It gives me a sense of pride (similar to the one I get from baking the ultimate fairy cake. Or from putting the new blind up without hacking 17 holes in the wall first!)

Although I worked in Graphic Design and Social Media Content Creation before blogging, I've always written.

I was first published at 13 years old, with a poem entitled 'Life'. And somewhere, probably in a box at the back of the attic, I still have every single poem I've ever written.

Except this one. This one's new. And here felt like the right place to share it....

The Right to Stand Tall

Don't mince your words but do mince your meat
Don't get dirt on your hands but do on your feet


Go see the wide world but stay close to home
Don't rely on other people but avoid time alone

Don't gender your children but spend cash on reveals
Don't dress them in pink but encourage high heels


Don't shatter their dreams whilst keeping it real
Enforce good behavior whilst respecting free will

Don't work for the pay or end up in debt
Make peace with your demons but never forget

Work hard at your marriage but don't stay due to vows
Build memories and hope but don't question how

Make the effort as a woman but don’t leave it on show
Keep your cleavage up high and your standards down low


No wonder we're screwed as generations pass
No wonder we're moaning about the price of gas

No wonder our children don't know which way is up
No wonder we're nodding yes, whilst knowing we're stuck


In a world of forgiveness, we're quick to cast blame
To jump at co-humans as if it's a game

As we shuffle along, pretending all is OK
When our children ask "Why?" what will we say?


I'm sorry it's damaged. I'm sorry it broke
I'm sorry the world couldn't offer you hope

I'm sorry you're confused and I'm sorry you're sad
But look on the bright side and ignore all the bad

For the world is confusing, that is a given
But we can revive it if enough are still driven

I’m not asking to cure, but instead, I want change
I want compassion and respect and honor in exchange

I want my children to feel safe and my home to feel warm
I want the world to take blame and for society to reform

I want to live without judgment; to breathe the fresh air
To not feel immense guilt for trying to care


To know that I made it, not with money or in lights
But by making a stand for our basic human rights

The right to feel safe; the right to use speech
And the right to share kindness with all I can reach


The right to feel valid and the right to stand tall
The right to be me, unapologetically. That is all.

If you're fortunate enough to do something that gives you more than a wage, consider yourself lucky, for most people get up hating their job. Dreading the week ahead. And wishing every single second away.

Blogging gives me a voice. One that is heard. One that is valued. And one that I'm proud to share.

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